Majority in France, here are the main features of the BA.2 sub-edition

BA.2, a sub-variant of Omicron, is now the majority in France, with the main features being here.

According to the latest data published by Public Health France on April 14, 2022, The sub-version ba.2 of the covid-19 virus now represents 96% of the sequences analyzed in the laboratory, Largely in France, but also in other foreign countries, the United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency analyzed the features of this sub-version of Omicron for the ZOE Covid application. From specifically linked data relating to infected people, this made it possible to define a list of the main symptoms associated with this infection.

Characteristics of the BA.2 Subvariant

To begin, be aware that some traits are more common than others with the BA.2 subvariant. These include runny nose, headache and sneezing. Similar to the common cold, these symptoms may also be accompanied by cough, hoarseness or sore throat.

The infection may also be associated with joint pain, chills, or fever. In the list of the most commonly reported symptoms in the UK, we also find eye pain, dizziness, body aches, swollen glands or chest pain. Unusual fatigue is still felt by a large number of patients. Loss of taste and/or smell has also been reported.

In Denmark, the January 2022 analysis already showed that the BA.2 sub-version of the Omicron version was already gradually replacing BA.1. In particular, it was emphasized by the Danish Public Health Agency that ” No difference between BA.1 and BA.2 in terms of impact on hospitalization ,

Public Health France then confirmed this observation. In its last point of April 15, 2022, the French health agency specifically explained: ” While BA.2 has been shown to be more permeable than BA.1, the two sublines are similar in terms of survival and severity of the immune response. “. However, it is more contagious than BA.1 and represents an increased risk of re-infection.

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