Major demonstrations against health restrictions in Montreal

Tens of thousands of protesters marched around the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, one of Quebec’s main immunization centers, to condemn health measures imposed to counter the third wave of the epidemic in Canada.

According to AFP reporters on the spot, “No to the mask”, “No to curfew”, “No to health passport”, several banners were announced during the procession.

Montreal police refused to determine the number of protesters. The procession gathered tens of thousands, according to several media estimates, to 30,000 according to the Radio-Canada Channel, the largest anti-imprisonment demonstration in Quebec in recent months. Demonstrators, for the most part unmasked and slightly worried measures, describe the health restrictions imposed by the Quebec government as “inappropriate”. They specifically condemn the wearing of a mandatory mask in the event of imposing a provincial curfew at an outdoor gathering or beginning of January.

This curfew, an unprecedented measure on a provincial scale in Canada since the Spanish flu pandemic a century ago, was recently eased by François Legaul’s central government. Quebec, Canada’s second most affected province by the epidemic, also controls many areas. “We are simply asking for an end to the health measures,” Daniel Pylon, who presents himself as one of the co-organizers of the event, told AFP. He denies that a demonstration was held near the Olympic Stadium to disrupt the vaccination campaign. “We are not anti-vaccines or anti-vaccines, we are pro-people,” he said. He said that the collateral damage (of health measures) is much higher than the collateral damage created by Kovid.

According to an AFP journalist, some protesters were arrested in early March, then the procession marched to the rhythm of the dhol in a festive atmosphere. A day earlier, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the demonstration, calling it “crisis” and retaliatory. The Quebec government explained that this resulted in the postponement of appointments at the immunization center of the Olympic Stadium, which was closed during the demonstration. “Unfortunately, people who gather to demonstrate are helping to increase these public health measures,” Trudeau warned at a press conference. Canada on Saturday reported more than 1.2 million cases of coronovirus and 24,200 deaths, half of which occurred in Ontario and Quebec.

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