Magistral invites Chinese lovers around the world to “share a Chinese lesson” online

On the special magistral, a Chinese language expert and 100 representatives of Chinese enthusiasts from 42 countries around the world shared their experiences and understanding on topics such as language diversity and culture. Chinese fever » To discover and appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language and the depth of Chinese culture, in the world, the current situation and the possibilities of learning Chinese abroad.

The Chinese Language Attraction theme activity will also take advantage of the United Nations Chinese Language Day to promote CCTV’s outstanding cultural programs such as My Character Story Online. Chinese, Encounters with Chinese characters, Chinese New Year paintings, Letters and Poems through China without Borders. In addition to being broadcast on CCTV, CGTN’s multilingual website, CRI Online’s multilingual website and new media platforms, programs will also be promoted and broadcast on the Chinese Alliance website (, UK and Moroccan TV channels, overseas Chinese . Language Social Media and New Media.

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