MAFS Australia’s Jessica Power attacked Brits after facing backlash for saying ‘death’ from kidney infection

First-placed Australian Jessica Power gave the slogan to Britons after receiving criticisms for calling her ‘death’ from ‘bad kidney infection’.

The 29-year-old reality TV star claimed that followers across Britain “did not understand her satire” after running into the hospital on Friday.

Releasing her Instagram story, Jessica said that ‘British trolls struck differently, I woke up this morning with some messages from people in the UK because I was apparently in the hospital this weekend.

“I was really sick with a kidney infection. It was really serious. Really bad – I think I had the flu, honestly thought I was the flu.

“In one of my videos I said, ‘I’m in the hospital and I’m dying’… And when my voice is like this, how do you know I’m not being sarcastic?”

It is called satire. I know you Brits are a bit dry, I got a message from people saying ‘Oh my God do you know my wife, this is my and my kidney failure’ and I am sorry.

“I am sorry to hear that if someone has gone through this in their life or lost someone with such a serious illness, but to say ‘I am dying’ does not mean that I am a I am a bad person. “

Jessica said, “That doesn’t mean I’m drawing attention and it doesn’t mean that I need to learn common decency for other people who are really sick.”

“This is my platform and if you don’t like it, there’s a no-follow button and you can go and tap on it and stay f ** k out of my Instagram.” “

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The fairy beauty made fans worried on Friday [26 February] When he finds out that he is taken to the hospital in agony.

The next day, the controversial TV personality shared an uncomfortable video of herself as new boyfriend Philip Poznanovic combed her hair.

She said, “I’m basically dying. Philip combes my hair, Bubi for a good job. I have a kidney infection so everyone asks for it too.”

MAFS Australia’s Jessica says she is ‘dying’ after being taken to hospital

Jessica rose to fame in 2019 in the Married at First Sight Australia series, which aired in the UK.

Brits were surprised to see his abusive relationship with compatriot Dan – behind his two husbands.

She forced her husband Mick to remain on the show so that she could continue watching Dan and they were eventually allowed to continue the show as a couple.

However, things did not happen for the long haul and Jessica went public with her new boyfriend Philip last month.

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