Madrid Zoo seriously injured in gorilla attack | World news

Madrid Zoo seriously injured in gorilla attack |  World news

A gorilla was seriously injured after an animal keeper entered a place at the Madrid Zoo that should have kept him locked up.

The zoo said in a statement that the 4-year-old employee went to the border area “through the triple door” at 10.15am on Sunday to do routine feeding and cleaning, when a 29-year-old animal named Malabo attacked them.

“The reasons why the animal was able to enter the area are being investigated internally,” the statement said on Facebook, adding that there was also a criminal investigation.

Several of the guards were injured and were taken to hospital. Peak: মার EmergenciesMad

Other workers were able to “remove the animal” from the area, which is believed to have been used for driving and is not accessible to the public, as a veterinary team anesthetized Malabo before

The statement further said that Malabo was taken to a sleeping place and is currently “calm”.

The zoo greeted the keeper, who has worked there for 19 years, for a speedy recovery.

According to local media reports, the worker suffered head injuries, chest trauma, multiple fractures and two broken arms.

Malabo weighs 200 kg (440 lb).

Videos posted by Madrid’s emergency services showed paramedics carrying stretchers, while ambulances and police vehicles were also at the scene.

Madrid police have taken over the investigation.

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