Madrid: Polisario leader’s presence does not affect relations with Morocco

Brahim Gali, Head of the Polisario Front. AFP

The Spanish foreign minister confirmed on 23 April that relations with Rabat would have no effect on the reception of the leader of the Polisario Front at a hospital in Spain.

The Spanish government on Thursday confirmed that Polisario chief Brahim Gali was received “Strictly human reason” To receive medical care.

When asked by AFP during a press conference, Spanish minister Arancha González Laia did not wish to confirm that the 73-year-old city of Brahim Gali was neither admitted, nor to give details of his Spain trip. Information from media sources quoted on record by the Spanish government indicated that Brahim Gali was in an area in northern Spain.

“Mr. Gali’s presence in Spain is strictly for humanitarian reasons, to receive medical treatment, and as it is a human gesture and a medical gesture, I will be extremely judgmental on the details” He announced.

According to the EFE report, the situation is embarrassing for Spain, which requires Morocco as an ally of Morocco to illegally immigration and has been waiting for months to hold a bilateral summit.

In that sense, Gonzalez Laia insisted this Friday that the admission of the leader of the Polisario to a Spanish hospital “Does not prevent or disturb the excellent relations maintained by Spain with Morocco”.

According to the Spanish Foreign Minister, Morocco is “A privileged partner of this country, and it is economically, politically, in terms of migration, trade, in the fight against climate change, and which is not changing”.

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