Macron’s “safety” announcements, collective action in the Levothyrox case, post-Brexit customs control delays, Johnny Statuefi at Bercy … this Tuesday’s news

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Macron detailed the security fixes and outlined his program. Staff dabbling in the field, online complaints, new uniforms (polo shirt and cap)… a smattering of security announcements. This Tuesday afternoon, from the National Police School in Roubaix, Emmanuel Macron details the various measures at the end of Beauvau’s massive consultation on security. Police officers from the region, including head of state Javier Bertrand, prepared all-round instructions in front of an audience made up of gender and elected officials. Our summary of key announcements.

Opponents of compulsory vaccination in the street on the eve of D-Day. The vaccination obligation for caregivers, announced by Emmanuel Macron on July 12, went into effect Wednesday. From that date, any staff member in nursing homes or hospitals who has not received at least one dose of vaccine against COVID-19 may be suspended and found himself without remuneration. Against these heavy restrictions, a hundred caregivers met in front of the Health Ministry on Tuesday.

A collective action was launched against the National Medicines Agency for the Levothyrox case. The lawyer initiating this process against ANSM expects to receive 15,000 euros per applicant. Between 2017 and 2018, about 31,000 patients reported suffering from side effects after switching to levothyrox’s formula.

In Bercy, Johnny Statufi and always in the hearts of bikers. Fans, bikers, relatives and musicians alike gathered in front of a Paris concert hall on Tuesday to pay tribute to the opening of the new “Johnny-Hallyday Esplanade” and a nearly-vanished statue of young people.

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The UK delayed the introduction of customs controls with the EU. A new post-Brexit calendar. The British government has decided to postpone the introduction of full customs controls on imports from the European Union. Objective: To have a point of view “practical”, While the United Kingdom is already facing supply difficulties.

The Taliban welcomes promises of aid and urges Washington to be generous. The Taliban praised the international community’s promise of $1.2 billion in aid to Afghanistan and urged the United States to be more generous. “We thank and welcome the world’s commitment of nearly $1 billion in aid and call on them to continue their aid to Afghanistan,” In the new Afghan executive, current Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki said.

The UN gendarme leaves out the possibility of a discussion on Iranian nuclear power. As the West prepared to act against Tehran, which is obstructing international control over its facilities, the International Atomic Energy Agency broke a deal preventing the situation from escalating.

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Bad weather in Garden “The storm was so strong that the rain was falling horizontally.” The residents of the department are surprised by the heavy rains in and around Neems on Tuesday. Looking for two people. Entire streets are submerged in water and many roads have been cut. appreciation letter.

“Tax the Rich”: AOC Dress Imposes Itself at the Met Gala. During the prestigious Met Gala, the Democratic representative’s white dress emblazoned with the words “Tax the Rich” set the network on fire and warmed the spirits. On the one hand, we cry out for genius, on the other, hypocrisy.

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Denis Villeneuve: “If I had not made ‘Doon’, someone else would have done it.” director of a new adaptation of Doon, Quebec filmmaker tells release how he works in the middle of the hollywood reactor “point of view”, Compromised and assumed totalitarianism. Read the interview.

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