Macron promises PM “directly in charge of ecological planning”

Emmanuel Macron promised in Marseille on Saturday that, if he is re-elected, his prime minister would be “directly responsible for ecological planning” to move “doubly faster” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Can you

“The policy I will follow in the next five years, whether it will be ecological or not”, he launched during a meeting in the pharaoh’s gardens under a scorching sun.

In front of a few thousand people, he promised a “complete renewal” of his policy, saying he had “heard” the message of the first round, where the rebel Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a champion of ecological planning, almost caused surprise and access. Was. Second Round.

Shock proposal: Emmanuel Macron promised a prime minister “directly in charge of ecological planning”, “supported by two strong ministers”.

An “energy planning minister”, whose mission would be “to make France the first major nation to run out of oil, gas and coal”.

and a minister “responsible for regional ecological planning”, in a “massive decentralization agenda”, “changing the means of getting around us on a daily basis”, “reinvesting in river and rail freight”, “accelerating renewal”. Will work. housing, at least 700,000 per year over the next 5 years”, or “act for the quality of water, air, food”.

“This ecological message from the first round, today we must know how to give it a new outlook for April 24 and the years to come,” he insisted, defending his record.

“We have done nothing during these five years”, Mr Macron underlined, specifically referring to “Notre-Dame-des-Lands, Europacity, Golden Mountains in Guyana, Terminal 4 in Roissy”. “All these projects that stopped them because they weren’t ecological? It’s us, not them!”

“We have been twice as fast as in the last two five-year periods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have reduced them by 12% in five years. That means: inaction, not at home!”, he explained.

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“But what Geek still told us is that it’s not enough, we have to go twice as fast. You know what? We’re going to do it,” he said, adding that he wanted to settle two concerns. , those who fear a “more viable planet” and those who fear “too rapid change”.

“I have no desire to do another 5 years. No, I don’t want to do them any more, I want to do a complete overhaul. I want it to be a full 5-year renewal”, he underlined.

Attacking his opponent in the second round Marine Le Pen – “Even incompetent, that’s the climax” – he launched the militants: “Don’t whistle too far, beat it on April 24th. “

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