Macron announces new restrictions to boost vaccination

During this 8th televised address since the start of the health crisis, the head of state once again emphasized the essential role of vaccination to avoid a new wave of coronavirus linked to the Delta variant, which is highly contagious.

“Get vaccinated. This is the only way to protect yourself and others. It depends on the freedom of all of us,” the head of state told his fellow citizens.

On this occasion Mr. Macron announced that vaccination would be mandatory for all people who would be in contact with vulnerable people, noting that from September 15, checks would be carried out and restrictions would be imposed.

Another announcement, “From the beginning of August, the Health Pass will be applicable in cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement homes, but also in planes, trains and coaches for long journeys”, indicated Emmanuel Macron, Explaining that “only those vaccinated and those who test negative will be able to access these locations whether they are customers, users or employees”.

And by the fall, PCR tests will be paid for unless prescribed by a doctor, he said, noting that he will convene Parliament in extraordinary session from July 21 to examine a draft law, meaning In.

“We are going to extend as many health passes as possible so that as many of you as possible can be vaccinated,” the head of state insisted. In January announced a recall campaign for those vaccinated from the beginning of September. February.

Mr Macron also reported on the establishment of a state of health emergency for Martinique and Reunion, as well as the establishment of a curfew due to the active circulation of the virus.

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Specific vaccination campaigns will be conducted in schools from the beginning of the school year.

He said that in view of the deteriorating health situation in countries like Spain and Portugal, border controls will be further strengthened.

On a socio-economic level, the head of state said pension reform would take place as soon as health conditions allowed, while unemployment insurance reform would be “fully implemented” from October 1.

According to him, “whatever it costs” announced in March 2020 to help the French economy cope with the health crisis has helped protect businesses and jobs and preserve the purchasing power of the French. He said the French economy is expected to grow at 6% in 2021.

Emmanuel Macron’s televised address comes two and a half months after he announced the deconfinement schedule.

If the hospital pressure is still easing with 7,137 Covid patients admitted to the hospital on Monday, the trend in infections was on an upward trend in recent days, compared to 7,183 a day earlier, with 4,256 new cases being reported on Sunday, Whereas a week ago there were 2,549.

On Sunday, Health Minister Olivier VĂ©ran warned that they “could rise above 20,000 by early August” if we do not take action.

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