Macron announces creation of a Center of Excellence for Gastronomy at Chef’s Dinner

During a speech given before the chef’s dinner in Lyon, Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a “center of excellence” for French gastronomy.

Emmanuel Macron on Sunday evening announced the creation of a “Center of Excellence” for French gastronomy to protect and promote the professions of mouth in international competitions. Speaking before the “Dinner of the Cooks” held in Lyon (southeast) in the lounge of the prefecture of the Rhne, the French president compared this futuristic structure to the training centers of football in Clarefontaine and rugby in the Marcousse in Paris. The arena, where national teams meet before major competitions.

“I’m going to agree with rugby fans and football fans, it’s the cooking and the table trades or the marcosis of Clarefontaine of these trades,” said Emmanuel Macron in front of nearly 200 guests at this annual meeting of the most famous chefs and pastries. Chef. This “training and excellence center for all culinary trades” aims to “train to excel, train for major competitions and prepare the athletes you want to win in the name of the colors of France,” he said. .

He suggested that it could see daylight in Lyon or its region, “this center of excellence”. The idea is part of proposals made by Guillaume G√≥mez, the former head of the Elysee Palace, who in February became his “personal representative” at the service of “French gastronomy”.

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