macOS Monterey Can Erase Macs in Just a Few Clicks

What if resetting a Mac became as easy as it was with an iPhone? So far, the process to be followed is quite complicated (for Intel – for Apple silicon), not very intuitive and above all too lengthy, as it requires erasing the disk and reinstalling the operating system completely. is. With macOS 12 Monterey, this will change: it becomes possible to empty your Mac in just a few clicks, provided you have a recent Apple T2 chip (from 2018 – see list) or an Apple M1 processor or later Mac .

This happens from System Preferences: In the main menu, all you have to do is select “Erase Content and Settings” to launch a new utility called Erase Assistant.

Once your administrator password is entered, all you have to do is follow the instructions, which begin with a wise tip: Save your stuff. If the feature is enabled a Time Machine backup can be triggered directly from this panel.

MacOS Monterey Erase Content and Settings

The wizard then pops up a list of accounts found on the computer and all user documents in addition to key items.

MacOS Monterey Erase Content and Settings

To reset a Mac, you’ll need to enter your iCloud password to disconnect it from the Apple ID that the Mac is connected to.

MacOS Monterey Erase Content and Settings

Last Step: Think carefully before clicking on the red button. Really won’t go back later! The wizard specifies that all settings, applications and data will disappear irrevocably. During the erasing process, the Mac may display a black screen and restart several times. Once reset, the Mac will display “Hello” as if it left the factory, ready to create its new user account.

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MacOS Monterey Erase Content and Settings

if purists would sometimes like famous clean install While the traditional method that allows you to do a completely clean system reinstall to ensure you start again on the right foot, others will see it as a way to save time and simplicity, like with iOS. It all depends on the context: this new simplified process would be very practical in the context of a Mac resale or a return to Apple after testing.

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