macOS 11.3 provides a mechanism to remove rosetta in some areas

While digging into the latest beta of macOS 11.3 distributed to developers from yesterday, Steve Moser created a Amazing discovery. The intended text for the system’s interface suggests that Rosetta 2 may be missing in some areas with this update.

On the right, texts from macOS 11.3 beta 3 that may indicate the removal of Rosetta in regions (Fig) @SteveMoser) Belongs to.

Rosetta 2 is intended for Mac Apple Silicon. This app provided by Apple is not visible, but it is what allows you to run the Intel app on these new Macs. It will inevitably eventually disappear, but we hoped to keep it for many more years. Just looking at our list of apps optimized for the new architecture, one has to realize that there is still a large number of them that rely on Rosetta:

By removing Rosetta so quickly, Apple Apple will significantly damage the Apple Mac experience. So what does this message mean? The fact that indenture is associated with specific areas means that there is a trademark issue in some countries. In this case, Rosetta may be replaced by a similar mechanism with a new name.

Another hypothesis, this message appeared in the third beta of macOS 11.3, but it will not be activated with the final version. Apple may now be setting the stage for the post-Rosetta era, when Intel’s transition to Apple Silicon is complete and older architectures will no longer be supported. During Intel’s previous transition from PowerPC, Lion’s release took five years for Rosetta to disappear from MacOS.

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