MacBook: Quickly grabbing the latest promos for Amazon Black Week

Are you a big fan of Apple products? Good news for you, now’s the perfect time to shop! Take advantage of unprecedented discounts on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro during Black Friday Amazon.

  • apple macbook air 8 go ram 256 go ssd 1129 € instead of 999 €
  • apple macbook pro 8 go ram 256 go ssd € 1,449 instead of € 1,249.99

Why choose MacBook?

Apple is globally known for its quality products. Using macOS is very intuitive, thanks to all the options and programs you can find for it. Plus, if you already have an iPhone or iPad, syncing will be even easier since all Apple products work so well together. You can start typing an email on your iPhone and finish it on your MacBook for example. You can also use the iPad as a second screen for your MacBook. Many possibilities can be considered!

A laptop is a huge investment, so you obviously want your laptop to last as long as possible. The MacBook is made entirely out of aluminum, which is a durable material, which is sure to last for a long time. It’s no surprise that the MacBook still scores well when it comes to durability. In addition, it has a high trade-in value. Want to upgrade to a newer model after a few years? You can easily get a few hundred dollars for your old MacBook.

Apart from durability, you can also test the average battery life of the computer. Even in this area, the MacBook always scores high. It can easily do a whole day’s work without recharging. So if you forgot to bring your charger, you don’t have to worry. Average battery life is 12 hours, but it depends on how you use your MacBook.

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