Macau, Hong Kong suspends Pfizer vaccination due to “defective” packaging

Macao and Hong Kong on Wednesday 24 March announced the postponement of their vaccination campaign with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. In the Netherlands, where health conditions are deteriorating, restrictive measures will be extended against Kovid-19. The United Kingdom kept a minute of silence on Tuesday, paying tribute to its 126,000 deaths from the epidemic a year after the first containment was established.

  • “Defective” packaging: Macau and Hong Kong suspend Pfizer vaccination

Macao and Hong Kong on Wednesday announced the postponement of their vaccination campaign with the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine after they were informed by the laboratory of a problem with the packaging of a batch of vials. “As a precautionary principle, current vaccination should be suspended for the duration of the investigation”The Hong Kong executive said in a statement.

Both regions said they made the decision after contacting Fosun, a Chinese pharmaceutical company distributing phasor-bioentech vaccines in China. According to officials, the vials affecting the much larger number 210102 showed a defective type of packaging.

Press released from authorities in Hong Kong and Macao did not specify the nature of these defects, but two areas stress that it does not present any risk in terms of health security. Officials said they acted judiciously while awaiting the conclusion of the investigation.

  • Long-term health measures in the Netherlands

After Germany on Monday, it’s the Netherlands’ turn. The state will extend sanctions measures until April 20 to fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic, which Mark Rutte has announced on Tuesday evening. “The number of pollution is increasing again and there are more people in the hospital again”, Explained to the Prime Minister during a press conference. “This is currently a worrying reality, and that is why we cannot abandon the measures in place” Which should have been removed on 30 March.

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Riot police in front of the concertgebove of the Amsterdam Opera House on March 21, 2021, during a demonstration against the ban measures.

Cafes, bars and restaurants will remain closed, except for take-out orders. The same goes for “non-essential” businesses that will pull their curtains until a prior appointment is made. On the other hand, the curfew is delayed by one hour to take into account the change of time. It passes at 10 o’clock at night and continues till four and a half o’clock.

The implementation of the curfew in January sparked riots in several cities in the Netherlands. Since the onset of the health crisis last year, the country, which has just over 17 million residents, has recorded 16,339 deaths related to the disease.

  • In the United Kingdom, a minute’s silence for the dead of Kovid-19

In the afternoon, in Britain, in Parliament, outside hospitals, and elsewhere, before the ringing of the church bells freeze to greet the dead and caretakers of the front row. As part of this “day of reflection”, the British were invited to turn on the lights at the door of their house at 8 o’clock, while illuminating the national monuments.

Enlightened Trafalgar Square on Tuesday, 23 March in memory of the dead of Kovid-19 in the United Kingdom, exactly one year after the first imprisonment.

“As we hope for a bright future together, today we reflect the grief and mourning felt by many people and families.”, Wrote Queen Elizabeth II in a message with a bouquet of flowers sent to a hospital in London, where her husband Prince Philip recently stayed. When the time comes “Permanent Monument” Tribute will be paid to “Lovers are lost”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a press conference.

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The anniversary comes amid a deadlock with the European Union (EU), which remains tightened by conditions for the export of vaccines manufactured on its territory, a measure that should target AstraZeneca and which tensions with London Increases, however, further in his vaccination campaign. Twenty-Seven, below forecasts well below the forecast for a confrontation with the Swedish-British group, the top meets on Thursday and Friday.

  • Madrid will re-open to British tourists on 30 March

The Spanish government announced on Tuesday that it would lift the ban on flights from the United Kingdom on 30 March. They were introduced in December because of concerns over the type of coronovirus first identified in this country. A similar ban on arrivals from South Africa and Brazil will be extended from the end of the month.

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Spain, however, does not expect the United Kingdom to resume tourism, a country currently banning all travel abroad, with few exceptions, and who soon decide to travel outside the UK Tourists can be fined 5,000 pounds (5,785 euros). . Kovid-19 has killed 73,744 people in Spain.

  • Putin gets vaccinated, dandruff is dragging his feet

Russian President Vladimir Putin, 68, was vaccinated against Kovid-19 on Tuesday evening, his spokesman said, as Russia wants to intensify its vaccination campaign. “Putin was vaccinated against coronovirus. he likes. Tomorrow they will have a full working day “Said, Dmitry Peskov, quoted by Ria-Novosti news agency.

The latter did not specify which of the three vaccines developed by his country, Vladimir Putin, had received. This vaccination remained private, as announced some time ago by Dmitry Peskov: We say [la] Will not show, we have to take our word for it. “

Vladimir Putin had already promised vaccination last December, when his country began its vaccination campaign. Despite the declared success of its Sputnik V vaccine, with publicity and approval in 56 countries, Russia is struggling to get its population vaccinated, a large part of which remains questionable. So far, only four million Russians have received two injections of the vaccine and another two million received the first dose. This is only 4% of the Russian population at the rate posted in the United States or the United Kingdom.

  • In Slovakia, the Prime Minister ordered to resign for his mismanagement of the crisis

Slovak Liberal president Zuzana Caputova called for the resignation of centrist Prime Minister Igor Matovic on Tuesday to shock the government.

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The resignation of the head of government has been demanded by his quadrilateral coalition partners, who have alleged that he has misused the health crisis. He demands that he leave his post by Wednesday. Slovakia – 5.4 million inhabitants – has the third highest rate of Kovid deaths and infections per capita in the world, according to a calculation by Agence France-Presse.

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