Mac in trouble because of macOS Monterey

For older Mac users, history repeats itself: Many of them report serious difficulties using their computers after installing macOS Monterey, even when their Macs won’t turn on. Just turned into luxury bricks. This was the case with macOS Big Sur last year, specifically for the late 2013 and mid-2014 MacBook Pros. More Macs are affected by this major bug this time around.

Evidence in question, visible on Twitter (Here, Here, Or to be), on Reddit or even on the Apple support forums (here, here, there), there is actually concern about having a small bottle of Mac Mini, iMac, and MacBook Pro (there’s no Mac M1 in the batch yet). Problems range from wild restarts to unresponsive ports, ineffective battery recharge or simply a machine that doesn’t start at all.

Apple builds support shimmer An update is on the way (but how to install it on a damaged Mac?), while some married users have been able to regain access to their computer by reinstalling the internal program and wiping the internal flash storage (help file).

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