M-Sport threatened to pull out of the World Rally Championship if …

(Motorsport-Total.com) – In the 2022 season of the World Rally Championship (WRC), Rally 1 rules are to be introduced with a 1.6-liter turbo engine with hybrid technology. However, there are already fears that the move will be postponed for a year by 2023. Causes delays and problems in the current development phase of the hybrid kit.

Will M-Sport make its return to the World Rally Championship at the end of the 2021 season?


Compact Dynamics is responsible for the development of the Hybrid Kit, which is used by all manufacturers and teams at the World Rally Championship. And the first kits given to Hyundai, Toyota and M-Sport were re-obtained a few days ago. The British private team M-Sport, like Hyundai and Toyota, recently committed to the new WRC era by the end of 2025. But now there is a danger of an exit at the end of the current 2021 season if the introduction of the Rally1 rules is actually postponed until 2023.

M-Sport team boss Richard Milner says, “I’ve read stories that people have spoken in favor of a one-year moratorium. But that’s out of the question for us.” T be in such a scenario. Second, always the best comes when everyone is under pressure to build a good car. I think the coming day will be fantastic. “


Partner Ford Info is a defining M-Sport Zoom

With Ford’s support, M-Sport has tested a prototype of its Rally 1 car in Great Britain. You do not want to leave this lead. “Because of Ford, we will only compete next year when the hybrid arrives,” Miller explains and explains: “Without Ford’s help and support, we would have a lot of trouble. They are experts in battery technology.”

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Miller considers it perfectly normal that difficulties can arise in WRC hybrid supplier compact dynamics at the current stage of development: “In reality, it would be enough to ask Compact Dynamics for a smooth and error-free solution in the first attempt. [Hybrid-]Unity will be expected. “

M. “Sport team boss and underlines:” Yes, things are tense at the moment. But the target is yet to start in January. Everyone is in the same boat. “

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