M-Sport may use a model other than the Fiesta in 2022

Three manufacturers involved in the WRC, Hyundai, Toyota and Ford M-Sport, confirmed the extension of their commitment for the 2022 season in March, which would mark the launch of a hybrid engine. M-Sport began testing for 2022 a few weeks ago, rolling out a mule, with several new features planned for next season at this year’s Fiesta.

The British structure unveiled the first images of its Rally 1 prototype on Tuesday, while a video of the trial with Matthew Wilson in Spain appeared on the social network. Visible car The Ford Fiesta remains, but another model from the American manufacturer may eventually be used in 2022, although no decision has yet been made.

“There are still discussions about which one is the best”Richard Miller said, Team Boss, but Motorsport.com. “When we start testing outside of the UK in the next few months I’m sure the photos will show up, so I’ll secure them for now; it’s much easier than saying things that could cause me problems. “

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The Ford Fiesta succeeded the Focus in 2011. The RS version was used until the 2016 season, replaced the following year by the current model, with Sebastian Ogier on the wheel headlined in 2017 and 2018. Miller explained Motorsport.com At least one option other than the Fiesta is mentioned in discussions with Ford. Hyundai and Toyota have already chosen the i20 N and GR Yaris respectively.

Toyota and Hyundai are on schedule

The manufacturers’ development programs were complicated by a request from the company to all teams, Compact Dynamics, for the development of the hybrid system, requesting that the parts be returned to it. Zari-Mati Latwala, who became Toyota boss this year, was not ready to say whether the team had time to test the system or not, but is showing his confidence that the development will go according to plan.

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“We are quite happy with the 2022 car agenda”Explained the former pilot, who could return to service to participate in development trials. “We used a mule, the 2021 specification, and we were able to test the parts. Everything stays on time.”

These tests of future Yarri began with Toyota’s test driver Juho Hannin, and they continue despite the absence of a hybrid system, although Latvala does not wish to provide details on the parts used. “Before putting everything together, I think we will continue testing with this mule during the spring. We will continue to test parts for the 2022 car before we have the 2022 car complete, “ According to summer, the fin underlines “aim” To be able to integrate hybrid systems and test the entire car.

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The story is the same for Hyundai, which started work on the new i20 before the manufacturer announced the expansion. “We are completely on schedule because we started working when we got the green light from Hyundai”, Convinced team boss Andrea Adamo. “It’s hard to tell when the car is going, we’ll know when we get off at work.”

“There were development concerns [avec les kits hybrides] In my opinion this is quite normal, but I don’t see any major problems [pour la suite]”, she added.

Interview by Jason Craig

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