Luton Town 1-0 Wycombe Wanderers: Hatters continue great form

Celebrate Luton Town
Luton had their third win in four championship matches

Luton Town continued their great form as they outscored the Wycombe Wanderers on Kennelworth Road in the Championship.

Pelli-Rudak empanju opened the scoring for the hosts with a great curling attempt just before the hour.

Wycombe’s full-back Jack Grimmer was the closest to the visitors, with Luton defender Simon Sluger’s palm tied late.

But in the 69th minute, Luton rolled out the points, with Elliott Lee sitting at home with a cutback from Kazenga Lualuar.

Gareth Ainworth’s side are 23rd in the table – Sheffield have just dropped due to Wednesday’s pre-season points drop – and are still waiting for their first goal at this level.

Wycombe came into the game hoping to lose the first four league fixtures only to become the third newly promoted second-tier.

The Hatters, however, cast a shadow over the first half, with Wanderers defender Darius Charles pushing Jordan Clarke’s title just before half-time.

The hosts were well on their way through Empanzur’s great strike, and Wycombe defender Ryan Olsop almost doubled his advantage as he continued his efforts to get Luke Berry on his feet after Harry Cornic’s solid low cross.

Hatter defender Sonny Bradley looked at the knife at home as Luton failed to score again in the 0th minute.

But, while the spectators were looking for a leveler, Luton’s substitute Lee gifted Nathan Jones a third win from their opening four league fixers, ending their intense opposition attack.

Wycombe manager Gareth Ainworth told BBC Three County:

“We conceded two goals, the second was terrible, we can’t accept a goal like that, it’s not ours.

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“But we hit the post a few times, we had quite a chance in the second half, we actually scored and it was rejected for offside. Whether or not, I won’t cry about it.

“I’ve got some work to do now, the international stem is coming, the window is still open for two weeks and I’m looking forward to trying to flip.”



  • 12Servant
  • DCrany
  • .Pearson
  • 5Bradley
  • 24Norrington-Davis
  • 16Rhea
  • 7CornicheBooked in 53 minutesReplaced forLeeat 80 ‘Minutes
  • 8Berry
  • 17Empanju
  • 18ClarkReplaced forLualuaat 73 ‘Minutes
  • 19CollinsReplaced forHiltonat 88 ‘Minutes


  • DShia
  • DTonicliff
  • 9Hilton
  • 10Lee
  • 14Mankur
  • 20What
  • 25Lualua


  • DLazy
  • DGrimmer
  • 5Stuart
  • 21Charles
  • DJacobson
  • 7WheelerReplaced forAnehedinmaat 61 ‘Minutes
  • 22Freeman
  • 24Adeniran
  • 17HarganReplaced forParkerat 69 ‘Minutes
  • 18Thompson
  • 25SamuelReplaced forCoughat 64 ‘MinutesBooked in 90 minutes


  • 10Bloomfield
  • 11Cough
  • 16Phillips
  • 23Anehedinma
  • 26McCarthy
  • 27Parker
  • 31Stockdale

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