Lupine (Netflix): The news that will make fans of the series with Omar C sad

A worldwide success on Netflix, Lupine, Arsene’s Shadow currently has only five episodes available. And to watch the rest of the series worn by Omar C, fans must handle themselves with great patience.

Like Arsene Lupine, we didn’t see him coming. And like The Gentleman Burglar, he made a perfect successor on Netflix. Chain Lupine, under the shadow of Arsene The SVOD platform is a major success in early 2021. A thrill written by Maurice Leblanc with a bottle-fed thief, an impeccable Omar C in Asan Diop, the first episode was a resounding success. And not only in France: the program ranked number one on Netflix internationally and American stars have also praised the series’ effectiveness. After five diabolical thrills, Lupine’s first part ends on a breathless Cliffner. Logically, therefore, that fans want to see the sequel as soon as possible. It will also be technically possible from today: as revealed by Omar C, Five more episodes are already in the box. But it will take a long time for Netflix to put them online, as revealed by one of the series’ creators.

Long wait before Lupine’s sequel

George is co-writer and co-producer (with François Uzan) Lupine, under the shadow of Arsene. Earlier, wrote episodes for the man Killing eve, And made for the Netflix format The criminal Interview by: Spain, France United Kingdom… with all its variations SensaCine, Spanish version ofAllosin, He agreed Following Lupine Unfortunately not for now : « At the moment we have the first part of five episodes and the second part of five which should be released in late 2021 this year. We have already shot these episodes, which are very thrilling.. These five episodes should end the first season.

Asked about a possible follow-up Lupine, George’s body was defiant : « We hope that we can then add many more parts to the series., He announced. I like the idea of ​​seeing young Essen’s character as his actor at the same time. that would be great. Hopefully we can do other episodes. “A wish shared by Omar C, who said he was ready to take over the role for the second season.” If the end of the first season works as much as the first five episodes, then Netflix will no doubt be funding the sequel!

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