Love Island South Africa has quite a stir among artists

Love island Is incredibly popular. After the first show in United KingdomThe concept was sold in the United States, Germany and of course Netherlands and Belgium. This year will be the first time Love island south africa Made of which Love island-Candidate It was announced last weekend. And he provided the necessary CriticismWrites Guardian.

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Candidate Love Island South Africa

Love island south africa Since when did you know Announcement of candidates to make headlines. Unfortunately not in a positive sense. The new season of the show is none at all Realistic photo of south africa Display. For example, the contestants primarily consist of white candidates, and only one black woman out of ten candidates participates in a reality show. A painful conclusion.

It is a good idea to see the candidates South african weather. Statistics show that eighty percent of the population Black african While only 7.9 percent of the population wisdom is. Something in Love island south africa Can not be seen again. For this reason, one of Main sponsor Of the program, Lottery Lotostar, take back.

Also South Africa

I immediately think Apartheid Which was not formally dissolved until 1994. We are finishing up 26 years of post-casting LOVE ISLAND SA to say the least Misguided a Columnist Of Newspaper City Press Writes: “It is inconceivable that the artist is no longer diverse In which country Apartheid effect Can still be felt and seen. “

Independent TV reviewer too Thinas Ferreira The candidates have received a setback. “Program should be at least Reality of south africa Should appear. “ Program producer, M-net, Informed the local media that the episode has more viewers diversity of Love island-Candidate (Which will come later, ed.). However you may wonder why this was not done in the first instance.

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