Lost Ark: We Know the Lancemaster’s Release Date!

lance master, or lancer In its French version, the next class will be added khoya extract, Smilegate and Amazon’s MMO have been doing well overall lately, but a a breath of fresh air would still be welcome.

In general, looking at the roadmap presented by the publisher for April-May, In the coming months we should not be bored in the game , content is revealed little by little, and today it is release date Lancière’s that we seek.

This candid tweet from Lost Ark fueled the inspiration for many players.

A (too) late exit?

In early April, Smilegate published a roadmap for the coming months for the Lost Ark. Thanks to that, we already knew the new “Lance Master” class was going to be available in April, but there was no no specific release date Until now.

Today the developers ended this suspense by publishing A tweet showing the spear and stating the date of April 21, It is also on this date that the next major patch will be released, the last patch of the month. So all doubts are dispelled: Lancer will actually be able to come and wave his sword next week on the game server!

is waiting, also released a patch today, This brought new free rewards and has already laid the groundwork for next week’s update.

Want to change the gameplay? It’s reroll time!

What interests Lancer?

lance is master Only marshalists to carry real weapons, He has two different weapons with different abilities: spearof course, but also glave, Lancière’s main interest is its impeccable mobility Which allows you to always be in good shape in battle. With the right construction, almost all of your attacks can be carried out behind your opponents’ backs without hitting them.

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In Korea and Russia, the square is Generally considered S-tierThis is one of the best classes in the game. So we expect a lot, while hoping that it doesn’t even break the game and that it’s balanced enough To maximize gaming enjoyment,

A new gameplay will allow some players to come who have lost motivation Test out new constructions and new adventures, Smilegate should thus be able to recover a certain number of lost players. With about 325,000 simultaneous connections on an averageThe lights are green for Lost Ark, but the game has still lost part of its community due to two consecutive incidents: server connection problems and the release ofelden ring,

Addition of a new class in April and May, destroyer release monthA new warrior specialization should bring renewed interest to players who haven’t seen any in the game anymore!

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