Loss of influence to Britain after Brexit

LThe United Kingdom will have to make “a lot of efforts” to gain “real influence” in the world after exiting the European Union, French diplomat Sylvie Berman, author of “Goodbye Britannia, The United Kingdom”, feared Brexit ” In an interview with AFP.

Ambassador in London from 2014 to 2017, he saw the Brexit referendum in 2016 and sparked something in Britain calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “pointless lie”.

Q: How is Britain doing two months after the EU was closed? Does he underline the predictions of the Europeans who saw him losing?

A: “I’m not sure. More than 700,000 Europeans have left the country. There are difficulties in trade relations in Northern Ireland. That’s why the British want to extend the period of thanksgiving (over control of goods coming into the province). Were. From Great Britain, editor’s note).

Amsterdam has overtaken London as a financial center. Some companies have indicated that they will move to the continent as it will become too complicated to export. There is also a lot more bureaucracy than before.

And Brexit is not over. It is a bit like the beginning. There are still a lot of unresolved issues. We see this with Northern Ireland. There is no agreement on financial services which represents 80% of the country’s exports. “

Question: Britain is at the forefront of the race in Europe today regarding vaccination. Is Boris Johnson playing it to hide the difficulties associated with Brexit?

A: “The health crisis hides the rest a bit because the British vaccination campaign is so much better than the Europeans.

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This is not entirely due to Brexit, although it is valued in this way. In fact, the vaccine was ordered while Britain was still constrained by European regulations.

It is normal that Boris Johnson is surfing on this success. But Britain is among the most affected countries in the world.

I’m a little surprised that it was a big deal for him because I said that he was a lie. It is well known. He was first fired by The Times (when he was a newspaper reporter in Brussels). All UK journalists are aware of her “Euromiths”. Many knew they were inventions (making fun of the EU) but their influence was, they somehow created a backlash against Europe. “

Question: What does Britain now represent on the international stage and what about its “special relationship” with the US?

A: “Today’s main data in the world is this cold war between the United States and China. The Chinese are interested in the European Union. That’s one of the reasons they accepted the investment agreement and concessions in December regarding the Americans.” Want European support for a definite policy of China.

It is more difficult for the United Kingdom to play a role in this triangular United States / China / EU relationship. They are going to put a lot of effort to make a real impact in the world.

As for the “special relationship” with the United States, it is particularly special for the British. The United States often used the British as a bridge or relay with the European Union. This is obviously a role that has been lost.

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Boris Johnson is lucky as he is chairing the G7 this year. He will also perform COP26 (Climate Conference) in Glasgow in November. This gives visibility that would otherwise be more difficult to obtain. “

06/03/2021 10:29:46 – Paris (AFP) – © 2021 AFP

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