Loose female fans were confused after Peter Andrey got a new big tattoo on his neck

Loose female fans were confused after Peter Andrey got a new big tattoo on his neck

Luz Women surprised the audience by appearing on the Peter Andre show with wife Emily on Wednesday.

Within minutes of the ITV Daytime show airing, fans began to notice a huge black tattoo on Peter’s neck.

The singer covered some of it with his shirt but most of it was noticeable.

It had a huge dark pattern right under his ear, and the fans weren’t so interested.

They didn’t realize at first that the tattoo was fake, and that Peter was given temporary ink in a movie role.

Loose female fans were stunned by the large tattoos on Peter Andre’s neck

As a result he also had a beard, soon he explained everything about it to co-panelists Emon Holes and Ruth Langsford.

Earlier, however, viewers went to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed the design.

One visitor said: “What’s that tattoo on Pete’s neck? Nuo.”

Loose women’s fans weren’t interested in Peter Andre’s neck tattoo

Another tweeted: “I can’t stop tattooing Register Its neck. ”

The third added: “Peter is still as sexy as hell

This was echoed by another visitor who admitted: “Just clicked # Loose female And what is that monotheism on his neck? ”

Peter Andre quickly revealed that the ink was not real

After reading a comment, comments kept coming in: “Is the WFT hating Peters?”

Soon enough, when Peter explained that it was not real.

Fans were confused and somewhat panicked after he posted a picture of himself with a tattoo on his Instagram profile on Tuesday.

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Loose Women airs on ITV at 12:30 p.m.

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