Looks like the game on PS3 and PSP has an abrupt expiration date on the Store

Since PS3 game emulation isn’t quite ready yet for the new PS Plus and its blinds PS3 Anything else? psp Slowly starting to close its doors, many players are concerned that part of the catalog will disappear in the next few years. So when some games start showing completely illogical expiration dates on some stores, many expect it to be more of a bug than the scheduled disappearance of some titles.

A desired termination, or a simple bug?

Kotaku has actually surfaced reports of internet users pointing fingers. Sudden expiration date for PS1 version chronocrossAt least on PS3 and PSP Store, This is the expiration date related to 31 December 1969, which appears to be a bug at first glance, but multiple reports from this weekend of the same thing, whether the game is already purchased or not. According to the site, the same thing is happening with versions of Final Fantasy 6, Rune Factory: Oceans and others.

for the moment, We know this expiration date expires when victims of this “bug” renew their subscription to PS Plus, So it could be a simple technical problem.

Sony hasn’t talked about it yet, and it’s unclear whether it’s intentional or not, especially considering it’s releasing Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamer’s Edition, But since we shouldn’t make hasty conclusions, we’ll wait for Sony’s official statement on the subject.

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