Looks like Marvel’s Avengers Square Annex 7 Failed to Do Business for Eurogamenet

Square Enix has posted its latest financial results and it doesn’t look great for the Marvel Avengers.

The Japanese company announced its financial figures for a six-month period ending September 30, 2020, and increased revenue and profits compared to the same weak period in 2010 (Square Enix released Final Fantasy remake before 2020), a quarterly published by Marvel’s Avengers. I saw.

The part of Square Enix’s business that we are concerned about is called “Digital Entertainment – HD Games”.

The company did not say how many copies Marvel’s Avengers sold or commented on its performance. When we compare the two quarters of the current financial year, the problematic adventure of Crystal Dynamics is very poorly revealed.

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In the first quarter of fiscal year 2021, when the Final Fantasy 7 remake came out, the HD games segment saw net sales of .1 34.1bn (250 250 million) and operating income of more than 10bn (73m). It’s a tidy gain for the time being.

Then we have the second quarter of 2021, the time when Marvel’s Avengers came out. For this period (early July to late September), Square Enix’s HD games business saw net sales of 23.7bn (17 174 million) and an operating loss of over 5bn (36m). It’s not great.

It’s hard to find a handle on exactly how Marvel’s Avengers lost its sales target, but it’s clear the game didn’t do business for Square Enix. In this Tweets, The Tokyo-based video game analyst said that “the volumes were 60 percent of the plan” and the game sold “only 3 meters or more”.

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In early October, Crystal Dynamics said it was working on a new update to the game “as soon as we’re safe” to end player interest.

At the time, the Steamcharts number said the game’s PC audience had dropped to between 1000-2000 people a month after its introduction – low enough to trigger matchmaking issues. At the time of publication of this article, only 798 Marvel Avengers were playing on Steam.

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In mid-October, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics delayed Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions until an unknown date in 2021.

Up to this point, you will be able to play the game with backwards compatibility, although this will not be possible for those who have purchased a PlayStation 5 digital version or Xbox Series S with a copy of the game on this disc.

“We’ve decided to move our PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S launches to next year to give our team time to showcase what this game means to provide a next-gener experience,” said studio boss Scott Amos.

This is a picture of Roger somewhere else in the Square Enix. We’ve already mentioned the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which looks like it has made a significant profit in the HD games business. In the company’s MMO division, Final Fantasy 14 saw an increase in operating income each year due to an increase in the number of subscribers paid monthly.

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Overall, Square Enix’s revenue grew 43 percent and profits rose 46 percent for the six months ended September 30, 2020. The company transferred 12.08 million copies of the new game in the new period, up from 8.65 million copies in the same period last fiscal year. The division between physical and digital is even greater.

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