London urges Beijing to agree to travel by UN experts

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. – George Cracknell Wright / LNP / Shutterstock / SIPA

British Foreign Minister Dominic Rab has urged Beijing that UN observers may visit China to see the plight of the Uygar Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region. Declaring Chinese rule’s “vandalism” towards the Uygars, the UK this week took action to prevent this minority’s alleged forced labor-related goods from reaching UK consumers.

The Chinese ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun, again facing allegations of education camps, forced labor, atrocities and sterilization, condemned London’s interference in China’s “internal affairs” and “purely political attacks”. Dominic Rabb said on Sky News on Sunday that the fate inflicted on the Uygars was “shameful, rebellious, shocking”.

Handle the european union

If China rejects the allegations against it, there is a “simple way” to shed light, he continued: “Allow the UN Commissioner on Human Rights to visit and access these sites.” We are an official third Campaigning for the side, such as the United Nations High Commissioner making this trip for human rights, ”the British Foreign Minister emphasized.

It is up to “justice” to determine whether the Uyghurs should qualify as “genocide”, he said. “And frankly, we should not engage in free trade negotiations with countries that violate human rights well below the genocide line,” he said on the BBC, adding that it aims to invest between China and the European Union But the agreement in principle, which the United Kingdom has abandoned.

According to foreign experts, there are over one million Uygar captives in political re-education camps. Beijing denied this and claimed that these were vocational training centers aimed at warding off terrorists and separatism.



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