London should clarify its position on Tuesday

Due to the disruption in trade between the province and the rest of the United Kingdom, London is looking to renegotiate in depth the Northern Irish Protocol concluded with the European Union.

The British government is due to clarify its intentions regarding Northern Ireland on Tuesday, 17 May, amid tensions with the European Union over post-Brexit controls that have sparked a crisis in the province. Due to the political deadlock in Northern Ireland and the disruption in trade between the province and the rest of the United Kingdom, London is looking to deeply renegotiate the concluded Northern Irish Protocol with the European Union, which is said to be only ready for adjustment.

After threatening unilateral action to circumvent the agreement, the British government must bust “Idea” Tuesday, according to Downing Street, via the voice of diplomacy chief Liz Truss. According to the British press, this could take the form of a bill that allows the government to unilaterally suspend parts of the Northern Irish Protocol by invoking its Article 16. A route would take weeks and set the stage for a longer period of crisis among the EU. and London but also in Northern Ireland.

For the EU, intentionally withdrawing from this signed treaty would be a violation of international law, and the United Kingdom would expose itself to serious trade retaliation. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has claimed the government does not want “Remove” protocol but “To recover”, he said that he “would like” to relieve tension “With the consent of your friends and partners” of the European Union, but said Britain also needed “Insurance” one of “Legislative solution at the same time”, The Conservative leader was speaking during a visit to Northern Ireland on Monday, where he tried to persuade various political organizations to reach a compromise and “Get Back to Work”,

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Because eleven days after the historic victory of the Republicans of Sinn Féin in the local elections, Northern Irish institutions are at a standstill. Federalists in the DUP refused to participate in the local executive, which was to be shared under the 1998 peace deal, which marked three decades of bloody conflict known as the “Trouble”. And he blocked the local assembly by refusing to nominate a new candidate.

Union with Great Britain, the federalists intended to oppose the Northern Irish Protocol, a post-Brexit agreement between London and Brussels to answer the delicate question of the boundary between British Northern Ireland and the European Republic of Ireland. was done. This text creates a de facto customs border with Great Britain and, according to them, threatens the place of the province within the United Kingdom.

At the center of the political impasse, the leader of the federalist DUP party, Jeffrey Donaldson, is calling “Work” of the British government to solve problems affecting the Northern Irish economy and relations with Great Britain. “I want the government to make a law which will provide us the necessary solution”, Jeffrey Donaldson said on Monday. Sinn Féin Republicans strongly oppose a bill that would suspend parts of the protocol. “We told them straight away that the unilateral bill at Westminster is wrong”Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald said Monday after a meeting that she described as“quite difficult” With Boris Johnson.

Institutions in Northern Ireland had already experienced three years of paralysis against the backdrop of the financial scandal, before an agreement allowed them to be restored to operations in January 2020. A neighbor of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, is a member of the European Union. Concerned about the consequences of a potentially unilateral British decision. After a phone call with European Council President Charles Michel, Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said on Monday that the two people “Agreed that the only way forward for the Protocol is through significant negotiations between the EU and the UK”, “Any unilateral action is harmful and cannot help” He tweeted.

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