London, Resuscitator: “In the UK we are in the midst of a new wave of COVID. Under 30s hospitalized without vaccination”

eight messages that have been made retweeted Hundreds of times more that paint a picture of the current epidemiological situation UK, where 16 thousand infections have been registered in the last few days. Rupert piersAn anesthetist-resuscitator specialist at the Queen Mary Center at the University of London, explains in a series of tweets that UK he is facing the other Wave pandemic pandemic but that number hospitalization and in patients Treatment intense, thanks to Vaccines, are not compared to last winter.

“We’re definitely facing another wave covid In UK – writes Pearce -. number of patients are currently manageable and are expected to remain lower than those peak winter. it keeps people dying Disease Terrible so be safe and get vaccinated”. piers Explains that “the hospital where I work formerly” London We are admitting more patients to the hospital COVID-19 me too Treatment intense, elderly but many are under 30. We have gone from some cases a day to about 40 and they are increasing, so we expect a potential hospital admission peak around the beginning of August”. rescuer then indicates that to go in Hospital both “elderly patients Those who are yet to get vaccinated or young people in their twenties and thirties who have not yet had the chance. In British Hospital – of national health system – there are 1500 patients covid. peak of January was slightly less than 40ml“.

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Second anesthesiologist the wave pattern hospitalization “It looks different than last winter, so many patients don’t need it.” auxiliary ventilation, But they are managed with the support of CPAP or with oxygen at high flow along the nasal tubes. And this is good news”. Pierce explains that “putting it all together, Vaccination Despite the hike in rates, its impact is visible. Infection. Less patients they come in Hospital And the less they get seriously ill.” The doctor eventually began an appeal to “everyone to do the same”. Vaccination because the benefits are far Better the risks involved”.

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