London police looking for “fake commentator”

A man in his thirties believed he had been tricked into giving a vaccine against Kovid-19 a £ 160 non-politician.

The British police on Friday launched a call for witnesses accused of extorting 160 pounds (178 euros) from a non-politician, which led him to think he was applying a vaccine against coronovirus, reports Free.

The 92-year-old victim, who lives in Surbiton, south-west London, opened her door on 30 December to a con artist who worked as a member of the Public Health Service, NHS.

Healthy hunting

Police said in a statement that he claimed that the man stung his hand before asking for 160 pounds, testifying that he would be reimbursed by the NHS.

The country most afflicted by the epidemic, with more than 78,000 deaths, the United Kingdom launched a vaccination campaign among the elderly a month ago.

It is not known whether the victim was given any substance and if so, but a hospital investigation found nothing unusual.

Inspector Kevin Ives said, “It is very important to catch it as soon as possible, because this can not only put people in deception, but it can also endanger their lives.” “.

More than 50 cases of vaccination scams

The images that accompany the call for witnesses show the suspect, wearing a navy blue track suit with white stripes on the side, taken during the victim’s second visit, demanding an additional 100 pounds (110 euros).

In Northern Ireland, police have alerted to phishing efforts, with text messages sent by miscreants telling recipients that they are eligible for vaccination to steal their bank details.

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On Thursday, the British police unit in charge of fraud cases reported that it had found more than 50 scams related to the Kovid-19 vaccination. Authorities are reminding UK residents that only the NHS can apply a vaccine against coronovirus. A booster shot that doesn’t hurt.

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