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From: Marcus Effler

The British are running out of fuel – dire consequences for the health system. London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to protest this violently.

London – This was one of the central promises of the “Brexitors”, who were successful supporters of the eventual Great Britain exit from the European Union: a ban on the immigration of foreign workers. Indeed, the British government around Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57) had tightened immigration policy significantly. The British are currently feeling the painful consequences – because there are no truck drivers. (After a hacker attack: Americans with no fuel – would this even be possible in Germany?)

Gasoline crisis in Great Britain: London mayor’s huge demand

So far, many foreign EU citizens have also driven trucks on UK roads. But since they had to obtain expensive visas, most of them thankfully refused – resulting in the disappearance of about 10,000 truckers. Supermarket shelves were first emptied due to non-delivery of goods. And now it hits petrol stations: many can no longer fuel motorists. The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents 5,500 vacant stations, said two-thirds of its members were stranded. Oil company BP has also closed gas stations due to the “lorry crisis”.

The shortage of petrol in Great Britain has already led to the closure of many petrol stations. © Typhoon Salsi / Imago

Panicked hamster purchases by British motorists exacerbated the situation, which is now having a dramatic effect: since many commuters in the vicinity cannot refuel their cars, for example, doctors and nurses cannot reach their clinics. can reach, and the nursing home is at risk of an emergency. (How far can you go in the car when the fuel gauge burns out?)

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The gasoline crisis in Great Britain: fuel only for critical passengers?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan (50) has now spoken with huge demand: the little fuel that is still available should only be given to drivers in systemically relevant occupations. Only those passengers who depend on cars and who work in important places like hospitals will be allowed to use select petrol stations. “The government must urgently investigate the steps necessary to introduce such measures,” the Labor politician appealed to the head of government from the conservative Tory party. (Wrong way fuel: man sucks fuel out of vacuum cleaner – it ends up explosively)

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan (symbolic image)
Wants to limit the allocation of fuel: London Mayor Sadiq Khan (symbol image) © Stephen Russo / DPA

Gasoline crisis in Great Britain: the government wants to attract 5,000 truck drivers to the country

However, he is more relaxed about the situation. Citizens should stop shopping in their panic, then the situation will calm down, thinks Boris Johnson. After all, the government is responding to the truck and tanker crisis with short-term exceptions to its harsh immigration policy – ​​and has approved 10,500 work visas for foreign workers, including 5,000 for truck drivers.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Defense has to take steps for faster acquisition of truck driver’s licences, and free retraining for driving examiners. An additional 50,000 driving tests are to be made possible each year. In addition, nearly a million letters are sent to drivers who are not currently working or are in other occupations: they are to be tempted with higher wages and better working hours and conditions. Even the deployment of the Army* to supply fuel is under discussion. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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