London Lockdown: New CVD rules ‘inevitable’ – Sadiq Khan ‘panicked’ by virus UK | News

London Lockdown: New CVD rules 'inevitable' - Sadiq Khan 'panicked' by virus  UK |  News

According to Sadiq Khan, if the capital city moves from one level to another level, family mixing could be banned for spreading the coronavirus to Londoners. There are about 45,000 new Caviid infections in England every day, the highest survey of the population coronavirus outbreak said on Friday, adding that the resurgence in the north of the country could be replicated elsewhere in a few weeks. The largest COVID-19 survey of its kind found that the incidence was double in the North West, Yorkshire and West Midlands in the whole of England.

Speaking to LBC, Mr Khan said: “I am increasingly concerned that coronavirus is spreading in our city and I warn fellow Londoners that further restrictions are very likely.

“We are at a very serious tipping point. The virus is spreading in every part of London.

“My prediction is that more restrictions will be imposed because we don’t want to see what we saw in October and November in March and April.

“The spread of the virus is accelerating in every part of London and what I don’t want is for people living in one borough to be complacent … if it’s not common in their borough.”

He added that further sanctions would not be borough-based and would be London-wide.

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Mr Khan said he was working with Health Secretary Matt Hancock on enforcement in London.

He said: “You’ve got three buckets, one with a minimum restriction, one with a maximum level – similar to lockdown-type arrangements.

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“What is clear to me is that additional sanctions are inevitable in London.

“What we are discussing as ‘One London’ is that our idea should be at the right level and we should work with the government to make sure we have the right level there.”

This is an eight-fold increase in infections among people over the age of 65 compared to previous reports from August 20 to September 8.

Paul Elliott of the Imperial School of Public Health said: “Our powerful investigations paint a picture of a growing epidemic across England.

“If certain areas are left unaffected even after being badly affected, the trend of infection will follow nationwide and this disease can lead to high levels of unnecessary death and illness.”

Imperial is the largest population study in the country on the rate of COID infection, examining 1,175,000 volunteers. Earlier on Friday, the National Statistics Office found that daily cases had doubled in a week.

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