Lombardy promotes Grana Padano in the United Kingdom

The food and wine par excellence of Lombardy to conquer Great Britain. A greedy trip was made in partnership with the BBC, the renowned British television network and main public service broadcaster in the world, and Grana Padano, the most consumed PDO cheese in the world. “A journey to discover our Lombardy food and wine itineraries – underlines Lara Magoni, Regional Councilor for Tourism, Regional Marketing and Fashion – which will certainly appeal to curious travelers and travelers from not only the British but from around the world. Will tempt”.

It will be possible to find it on the official website through a culinary story with main dishes of regional tradition, one for each region: from ice cream to Bergamo stracciatella to beef with Brescia oil; From Como’s Missoltini to Cremona’s Nougat and Lecco’s Polenta, Sausage and Mushrooms. And again from Trips to San Basciano del Lodigiano to Mantua’s famous Pumpkin Tortelli. Without forgetting panettone from Milan, risotto from Monza with Luganega, Paradiso cakes from Pavia, Pizzoccheri from Sondrio and Amaretti from Sarno, in the province of Varese.

“The rebirth – says Councilor Magoni – also passes through an increase in the excellence of our regions, an added value on an international level: tourism and food and wine are a winning combination that will create an experience for tourists to remember over time. Allows to live, the itinerary combining art, tradition, culture, taste and food treats that only Italy and Lombardy can offer”.

The site dedicated to Lombardy food and wine tourism is further enhanced by a series of interviews with internationally renowned Lombard chefs: David Oldani, 2 Michelin stars with his ‘D’O’ restaurant in Cornaredo in the Milanese region; Viviana Varis with ‘Viva’ restaurant in Milan, 1 Michelin star; David Carancini, chef of ‘Materia’ at Cernobio; Alessandro Proetti Refrigeri, executive chef of the ‘Villa Naz’ restaurant in Stradella, at Oltreppe Pavese; Roberto Tonola, chef of the ‘Lanterna Verde’ restaurant in Villa di Chiavena.

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