LOL: Riot’s biggest failure turns 6: A look back at the most disappointing champions of all time

You might feel like it’s not far off, but it’s been six years now that aurelian solo landed on League of Legends, The dragon promised by Riot Games and expected over the years to be the star forger is derived from the well-known and canceled Ao Shin. A character who is able to submit even to his will, which is beyond human knowledge. According to Lore the most powerful and still considered one of Riot Games’ biggest failures when it comes to character creation.

The champion the community has been waiting for years

Taking a look at this dragon’s stats, the truth is that he has never been a bad champion when it comes to performance. However, he has a flat electrocardiogram in terms of player’s interest. He topped each of the list we’ve compiled to review the less popular champions and celebrated his birthday as lonely as ever. Based on all rankings, He is selected in only 0.5% of games, Screener, which was chosen to receive resale, is only less popular and the difference is 0.04%.

Before he was a minor TFT legend, Ao Shin was the most famous canceled champion

The number would be less for any champion, but even higher for a champion issued at a time when League of Legends was governed by more modern design rules and no pressure to release a character every two weeks. was not. They are not acceptable even to the most anticipated champions in gaming history. Ao Shin can’t say anything for the players who recently joined the title from Riot Games, but he was a true legend for those of us who started playing in another or the other. The third season, and spent years hearing about it.

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Why didn’t Aurelian work?

Riot Games often points out that demonic champions generate less interest in the community than people with human forms. However, the failure of the Aurelian sol cannot be explained by this design point of view. We want to include a space dragon capable of summoning all the stars. Although, Several gameplay issues seem to be attributable to a character’s major flaws Which was too powerful for its own good and whose mechanics felt a bit crappy to many players.

Upon release, Aurelian Soul was too powerful for his own good.  - League of Legends
Upon release, Aurelian Soul was too powerful for his own good.

When Aurelian Soul came out he was able to do a lot. Even though he didn’t have defensive equipment (this was his big handicap) He could move down his street with disturbing ease, allowing him to move quickly across the map and generate a numerical superiority, forcing them to remain permanently under their tower. Players quickly understood the potential of the champion, and this gave rise to a large number of alternative strategies. It was very appealing to players who played (and were therefore organized) as a team and who put in enough hours to learn all the possibilities.

However, it was this situation that hit the first nail in his coffin. Aurelian Soul’s great power soon resulted in a shower of nerfs that made him laugh until Riot Games dealt him the final blow by permanently disabling his W (Celestial Expansion)., This was all due to the extreme maneuverability taking all his power and leading to similar champions like Taliah or Twisted Fate.

This move explains nicely what the champion’s problem was.

This situation resulted in a unique playing pattern that the players did not like., The character had no mobility, but was forced to keep his distance in order to inflict damage that was very difficult to control and much less than other wizards. Something that made it oblivious – even though Riot Games discontinued it a long time ago. Even in the competitive circuit, where he had a good time, he has fallen into oblivion: he has not appeared even once in the last season and a half.

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With his sixth birthday approaching, there have been rumors of a possible reworking to replace some of his abilities and make him a champion. However, it looks like League of Legends will face one of the toughest projects ever if it decides to take on it. Overcoming a failure of this magnitude is no easy task, but we want nothing more than justice for one of the sport’s most exciting champions.

Before their level 6, some League of Legends champions are not very powerful. So, who are the ones for whom the change is most revolutionary once this milestone is passed?

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