LOL: Global damage reduction will come much sooner than expected

After the first teaser in recent days, League of Legends finally has a fixed date for the major damage reduction that will affect all champions, Riot Games has decided to surprise the community by rolling out this massive overhaul in the upcoming 12.10 patch. This version will arrive in the game on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, according to the developer’s official update schedule., Thus, the most anticipated change by the community will come in the middle of the season.

Priority change for League of Legends

Riot Games has been working on the changes coming in patch 12.10 for more than six months, and their initial tests were aimed at reducing the total damage done by champions by 20%. This will also affect the healing, the potency of which will accordingly decrease., A company employee said these changes were in the works for a long time and were the result of a “A high priority task for teams responsible for League of Legends gameplay development”.

Some champions will have difficulty adapting to the new changes

The studio staff also revealed that Release details of these new features will be released on Friday, May 6 — Via a dev blog that will come out around 7 pm. We can expect to find out what percentage of damage will be removed in Summoner’s Rift and how the healing will work. In this regard, there will be quite a stir in subsequent patches as well.

These adjustments will be a real revolution for the gameplay of League of Legends and will also affect competitive play during the Summer Split. The stability of pro games is one of Riot Games’ main priorities, and that’s why almost no one expected such significant changes before the arrival of Precision., However, the adjustments are now very close. It should be noted that they will arrive at PBE first, where we can test them from Wednesday, May 11.


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Tonight’s game is going to be hot! In a 100% French meeting, League of Legends fans in France run the risk of being divided. While there will be talent on both sides of the rift with former LEC players, we have a feeling it will be played in a different jungle.

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