Loki Disney+ . but will be the most watched marvel series

With 5.23 billion minutes watched on the video-on-demand service, bottle gourd Most Viewed Marvel Universe Series Disney+, In view of this, the competition is not far from those numbers, as it was necessary to put that impressive score in perspective.

After a two-phase launch seen in 2019 and 2020 (new regions have since been served while others are pending), Disney+ is now an interesting alternative to paid subscription VOD services like Netflix and premium video. As with the Marvel brand, Disney wasn’t going to hesitate to use it to build a solid base of members.

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wanda vision It was the first MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) series launched on Disney+, followed by Falcon and the Winter Soldier, bottle gourd It’s third in this timeline, and we just learned that Michael Waldron’s series will be the most-watched MCU on Disney+.

Most Watched Shows on Disney+: The Mandalorian Season 2 Ahead

Based on data from American conglomerate Nielsen, The Hollywood Reporter reports that with 5.23 billion minutes of watching on the clock, bottle gourd That’s why Disney wants to be the most-watched Marvel series on the service. Season 1 of the show holds the record for the Disney+, Marvel and Star Wars series combined.

wanda vision Not far behind with its 4.8 billion minutes of recorded viewings. obey Falcon and the Winter Soldier (4.15 billion) and Hawkeye (3.45 billion). This is for the Marvel component. But adding Star Wars overtakes Loki twice. , before the first season of Mandalorian Which got a total of 5.42 billion minutes to watch. Season 2 of the same series sits at the top of this ranking, with 8.38 billion minutes of views, a figure that however took the entire series into account. Hmm…

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go back bottle gourdA Season 2 is currently in the works, with filming expected to begin in the UK sometime next summer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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