Locations of Fortunite Snowmando Outposts: Where to find them for Operation Snowdown

If you know where to find Fornat Snowmondo outpost locations, this information will help you a lot when taking on Operation Snowdown Challenges, as these icy castles are very much featured in several festival activities. In fact, during and after the Christmas season, you need to check them out for the following:

  • View different snowmondo outposts (1)
  • Search for books in Snowmando Outpost (5)
  • Damage Deal at Snowmando Outpost (25)

This means that where to find Fortnit Snowmondo outposts is the highest priority, otherwise you will become high and dry when you are told to complete winter assignments. Before Operation Snowdown Challenges aired live, no one knew these squares were only present on the island, causing some confusion between them and the Fortnite Mountain Base Camps that were already established camps at Fortnite. We’ve solved this right now, so if you’re ready to visit them, here’s where you’ll discover all the locations of the Fornat Snowmondo outposts.

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