Local Lockdown Alert for Carefill Care Home Visits Closed in Spike

Local Lockdown Alert for Carefill Care Home Visits Closed in Spike

A local lockdown in Kerfili could be enforced within a spike in a Cornavirus case.

Residents are being warned that the bans could return if the number of cases across the area continues to rise.

The Kerfly Council issued a statement Friday saying the county had received a “worrying increase” in new infections last week.

Twelve-care homes have also been forced to close their doors to visitors after the case escalated, while people are not being asked to travel “too far” outside the county in the coming days.

A temporary walk-through test center will also be open in the car park at Kafili Leisure Center from Saturday.

Senior representatives from Public Health Wells, the University of Anurin Bevan University Health and Surfili Council met on Friday afternoon to discuss their serious concerns about new clusters of cases in and around the city.

Council leader Filippa Marsden said: “The increase in numbers is very important in the case of Kerfili and I cannot underestimate the importance of social distance and the steps we should all take to limit the spread of this deadly virus.

“The coronavirus has not gone away but it is clear that the behavior of some people is at risk to the health and well-being of our community. In some people the virus can be mild. We all know it can be fatal and debilitating for the elderly in our society.”

“The behavior of local people in the coming days will play a helpful role in controlling the coronavirus and we all need to play our part.”

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The people of the county have been asked to strictly follow all existing coronavirus guidelines and, if possible, limit their interactions with others outside their extended family. Also public health agencies are asking, wherever possible, residents not to travel too much from County Borough in the coming days.

They say that no matter how mild it is, a person who shows symptoms should have a test as soon as possible and it is very important to follow proper self-isolation guidelines.

The Kerfly Council further said that the “recent increase” means it has stopped bringing immediate effects to care homes. They said it was “wise to stop the audience at once”.

Check the latest case statistics where you are:

Carl Kuss, a cabinet member for social services, said: “This decision was not taken lightly, especially given that the Welsh government has only relaxed some restrictions in the vicinity of care home visits.

“But the health and well-being of our elderly and vulnerable residents must come first and I am sure families will understand the pressure necessary to take this step.

“I fully appreciate that the residents of the care and their families will be very disappointed with this decision but I want to assure all concerned that this decision was taken in the best interest to protect their health.”

In addition to these restrictions there will be a temporary return to weekly testing in each care setting. The situation will be kept under review in the coming weeks.

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From Saturday, September 5, a temporary walk-in coronavirus testing center will be in the car park at the Kafili Leisure Center, and no appointment will be required for Kerfili residents to take the test.

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