Local elections in the United Kingdom: Conservatives win in a stronghold of Labor

More than a year after Brexit, the Tories have won a decisive battle. Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed the first “very encouraging” results for the Conservatives in Friday’s local elections. It was a test for the “Thursday above” power and unity of the United Kingdom, particularly due to the Scottish Parliament, where nationalists intend to advance their cause in case of victory.

In addition to Scotland, two terms of office were at stake, one in the small town of Hartlepul in the north-east of England at 90,000. This Labor stronghold had not elected a Conservative MP in nearly fifty years. The vote, which was in the region voting for Brexit in 2016, was a test case for the Labor Party and its leader, Keir Starr. It seems lost.

“Very encouraging” results for Johnson

Boris Johnson is jubilant for criticizing the Labor Party for his lack of loyalty after several embarrassing revelations. “I think this is because we, as a government, have focused on our priorities, on people’s priorities and the fact of bouncing back as much as possible after the epidemic”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacted. He spoke of “very encouraging results” after the first count, which would continue for the entire weekend.

New Conservative MP Jill Mortimer gave Hartlep more than 15,000 votes, doubling the score of his Labor and Europhile opponent. Mike Hill resigned over allegations of sexual harassment.

Successful Immunization Campaign

The government has not suffered from the failures of its strategy against coronoviruses, which have killed more than 127,000 people in the state. His expressed vaccination campaign, followed by the gradual reopening of the economy, worked in his favor.

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In recent weeks, Labor had focused exclusively on allegations of nepotism against James Dyson, a British industrialist. A former advisor to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, also published a blog post Vitriolic, criticizing the government’s handling of the epidemic and the Prime Minister’s integrity. None of these reviews seem to have worked.

“Let’s not forget: Johnson created Brexit, Prime Minister popular with voters who voted on ‘leave’, Tory government spending astronomical sums during epidemic and leading a very successful vaccination campaign against coronavirus “, And the economy is. Jane Green, a professor of political science at the University of Oxford, quoted by AFP, retorted on Twitter.

Insult to Keer Starr

For Labor opposition leader Kiir Starr, this is a disgrace. Along a more focused line than his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, he promised to bring the party back on track by taking the head of formation a few months after his defeat in legislative elections. This local election was an important step before the next Legislative Assembly election in 2024.

John Curtis, a British election expert, told the BBC, “This is the most spectacular depiction of the fact that the party has so far failed to reach such working class voters who voted on ‘leave’.”

MP Richard Burgon quickly called for a change among Labor, calling for a “change of direction” for the head of the party. For his colleague Steve Reid, Labor would have to change “more and faster”, “regaining the broken confidence” of the voter.

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