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Despite the huge range of streaming portals such as Disney Plus, Sky Ticket and Amazon Prime Video, youth in particular are looking for free alternatives on the internet. The fraudsters behind fake streaming portals take advantage of this fact to issue high and unauthorized bills.

Fake Streaming: Higher Bills Instead of Free Streaming

At first glance, fake streaming portals look like they actually make it possible to access movies from the network. The offer is supposedly free. Only when registering is it hidden in the small print that an expensive annual subscription starts automatically after the free trial period. Often the registration doesn’t work perfectly – only to the extent that fraudsters obtain payment details of their victims. And even if the registration works, there is no streaming afterwards. As a user, you dismiss it as a failed attempt, look elsewhere and forget about it. Until the invoice arrives at some point. As warned by the LKA Rhineland-Palatinate, demands from Great Britain are fast approaching – fraudsters are asking for several hundred euros. Those who don’t pay often receive mail from lawyers threatening to cost even more.

Fake Streaming: Don’t Pay!

If you’ve received such an invoice, ignore it – as well as the alleged lawyers. Because if the services are not provided, there is no invoice to pay! No matter how aggressive and intimidating the scammers are, be firm. You should also file a criminal complaint with the police. Fake pages usually go offline again after a few days, but the authorities can assure you that they are really fraudulent and you do not need to pay. Alternatively, if you are unsure, contact your Consumer Advice Center.

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Detect Fake Streaming Sites

From purely visual it is difficult to tell whether a page is of fake offer or not. So, when you’re not familiar with providers, pay close attention to what’s in the small print. And before registering in Google, find the name of the company. Often there are already negative feedback or warnings that expose the provider as fraud.

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