Liverpool’s hospitals are now treating more Kovid patients than the April epidemic

  • Video Report by ITV News Health Editor Emily Morgan

At the hospital Liverpool The health secretary confirmed that more patients with Covid-19 were being treated than the peak of the first wave of coronavirus in April, the health secretary confirmed.

Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust Medical Director. Tristan Cope issued a scathing warning on First Twitter on Thursday: “The numbers are still rising”.

Later that day, Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the figures to the House of Commons but warned that the virus had “spread” across the UK.

Mr Hancock told MPs: “The death toll has doubled in a fortnight across the UK.”

The Liverpool City area currently exists “Very high” covid warning system under Tier 3 restrictions, Money pubs and restaurants have been forced to close and residents of different families cannot meet indoors or in private gardens.

This is the first region in England to go to the highest alert level.

Emily Morgan, a health reporter for ITV News, said things were not going well for hospital admissions

Liverpool has the third highest infection rate in the country, according to the latest figures, although the number is declining.

As of October 1, there were 2,970 new cases recorded for seven days, meaning 596.3 cases per 10,000,000 people, down from 691.7.

Writing on Twitter, Dr. Tristan Cope said: “Sadly, we are now treating more patients in hospitals at Covid-19 @ live hospitals than at the top of the first wave in April, and the number is growing.”

“It’s so important that people in #LiverPool and ivLivCityRegion comply with social distance restrictions.”

Dr. Cop was taking this warning to NHS Trust staff amid growing “huge pressure”.

He writes: “In addition to the usual intensive and emergency care for patients with non-covid conditions, treating a large number of covid patients puts a huge strain on the staff of those leave hospitals.”

Diane Brown, head nurse at the hospital’s trust, wrote on Twitter: “The rate of covid, such as the number of live hospitals surpassing this number in April, needs to be acknowledged to have an impact on our staff.

“Thanks to each and every one of you, it’s tiring mentally, physically and emotionally – you’re doing an amazing job.”

A coward warning level sign in Liverpool. Submission P.A.

Earlier, a city council leader warned LiverpoolIts intensive care units were more than 90% full.

Speaking in early October, Paul Brent – Member of the Cabinet for Adult Health and Social Care – The city hoped to reach the level of bed occupancy soon Seen during the first wave Coronavirus.

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