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Klopp called on Ferguson to lead Liverpool to defeat

Juden Klopp looks out of the sidelines during the UEFA Champions League football match between Liverpool and Atlanta (Image: Paul Ellis / Paul / AFP via Galti Image)

Jগrgen Klopp has been told he can learn tactics from Sir Alex Ferguson, who lost 2-0 to Liverpool in Atlanta.

Rio Ferdinand reveals how his Manchester United side lifted themselves from the same position.

Express quoted him as saying to BT Sport:

“From experience, you learn more (when you lose).

“You self-analyze, you look a little deeper when you don’t win a game or you don’t perform well.

“I think you should and you hope these young guys will do it, especially with the experience around them, all analysts.

“When we won it was all pink, you won a game and it just goes to the next time when there’s a problem, you actually start to look back at what the problems are.

“[Ferguson] There was never too much when we won and there was never too little when we lost.

“It simply came to our notice then when I went to Manchester United.

“I would stay in the doldrum when we lost or I didn’t perform well and I would probably get this hangover for three or four days.

“A big club like Liverpool, where they are now, they come back every two or three days so they can’t take it.”

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