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Liverpool and Manchester United ‘seen as big, bad words’

Gary Neville (Image: Robbie J. Barrett – AMA / Getty Images)

That’s why former Manchester United player Gary Neville, who is now part-owner of League of Salford City.

The bombing plot for a new FIFA-backed tournament involving Europe’s biggest clubs was unveiled on Tuesday, but the .6 4.6 billion plan has drawn strong public criticism.

Express quotes Neville Sky Sports as saying:

“The big problem I have with it right now, in the midst of the epidemic and when football is on its knees on many levels, is the idea that the $ 6bn package is being put together while the lower clubs are shaking around to pay wages and survive. League up.

“It’s another blow to football. I don’t think it’s the right time to talk about it.

“These leaks are probably not appropriate for Manchester United or Liverpool at the moment because they are seen as big, bad bullshit.

“I am committed to the advancement of football, including new competitions and new formats, but we need to look after the fabric of the game and what it means to the community in this country.

“Possibly for a new European league and an amazing Premier League, a fairly competitive EFL and funding grassroots and a position in non-league football has enough money.

“If they could pull b 6 billion together for a European league, they could pull £ 150-200 million together to save the rest of the football in this country.

“The game has enough resources to take care of all the key partners.

“It’s almost a tap-in for Manchester United, Liverpool and others to be able to say: ‘There are ১০ 10 million for non-leagues, there are millions of rescue packages for EFL clubs’.

During this discussion with JP Morgan on the 6 6 billion debt package, I don’t see why we aren’t paying attention to the bigger game. It’s obscene. ”

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