Liverpool, LeBron James to be “mental coach”

Liverpool (England) – He is already anticipating his mind for the future, Lebron James. Star of Los Angeles Lakers (Who has never hidden that he wants to own a franchise NBA When he stopped playing) A few weeks ago he bought a minority stake in Boston Red Sox baseball and increased his shares at the same time Liverpool.

Lebron James in Liverpool

A movement which was of great interest and brought the current president of the Reds (as well as the Red Locks), Tom werner, To explain the operation: “We want Athletic – That the Red Sox is as inclusive as possible, a place where everyone is welcome. We work very hard to create a more inclusive organization from bottom to top. And I’m glad that LeBron and Maverick (their partner, Ed) have joined the Boston Red Sox, because I believe they can help us better represent baseball with our fans. I would be surprised if they don’t play a role in the decisions of both teams. Their views would be welcome. I consider Maverick one of my closest friends and I have spent many hours with him in which he learned from strategy, training, Jorgen Klopp, and what he has learned as an enthusiastic observer of football.“.

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NBA star role

The words that leveled rumors and hypotheses regarding this possibility could have been said by Lebron James on a number of aspects to Liverpool’s management, for which reason the Reds owner specified that His role will be primarily from a psychological point of view, almost as a “mental coach”: “It will only be a resource for players and their psychology. He will not make decisions regarding training or any other such aspects. Lebron and Maverick are smart people, they run a company that is a Kinnear. He has excellent relationships from Nike to Disney to Amazon. They will be an asset as are many of our companions“.

NBA, lebron james per bici in los angeles

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NBA, lebron james per bici in los angeles

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