Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed the big problems in the Premier League and now others have to explain – Paul Garst

Jগrgen Klopp says he just wants to talk. And there is a lot to discuss.

The Liverpool manager is adamant that the five options are a rule that needs to be restored quickly.

Klopp insists he is not interested in the excuse and is just trying to explain instead.

“It’s a season that’s now less than four weeks but with the same amount of games,” he said Friday.

“This is a very special time, not just for football, but for the whole world. We all have to fight hard for it.

“In football, it’s like that. The whole world seems to be changing, but two things were the Premier League’s fixing list and three benefits.

“We have to talk about these two things. It’s not an excuse. It’s just an explanation.”

Just two months into the season, the Reds have already been forced to navigate through an injury crisis that has not been seen at Anfield in years.

Since the September 12 Premier League campaign began at their home in Leeds, Liverpool have been under siege due to fitness issues.

About a dozen teams of champions have already spent significant amounts of time on the shelf, campaigning in just eight games.

Nabi Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Thiago Alcantara, Joe Gomez, Virgil Van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jordan Henderson, Alison Baker, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Man, Costas Simikas and Joel Mati have done one at a time. Games through fitness issues.

Youngsters Nekho Williams and Rice Williams are also being considered as a precaution after leg and hip issues during international breaks.

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This has left Liverpool sweating over the fitness of two teenage comedians who tell you a lot about where things went wrong this season.

That’s why Klopp was so consistent in his call to return to the extended bench.

“It’s not about me. It’s not about Liverpool. It’s about the well-being of the players,” he argued.

Klopp imagined with his extensive knowledge of sports science while giving his very clear view on this particular subject.

With his medical department, a theoretical field that puts footballers at greater risk of muscle problems – a field of theory – the German degree in this field has made him a specialist.

“Please, come on, help us. That’s just what I want. We have to pick it up now,” Reds former captain Jamie Redknapp was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

With teams able to use five per game since the teams resumed last season, Klopp has taken advantage of 42 players out of a possible 45.

This time around, the Reds have reached the bench 24 to 22 times in a season that has stretched resources to their breaking point.

Klopp is not alone in making his five-sub return champion.

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His Manchester City counterparts, Pep Guardiola, Chelsea’s Frank Lampard and Manchester United director Ole Gunnar’s Soulsky, have all echoed Liverpool’s managerial sentiment in recent weeks.

In some cases though, this is another power move driven by the department’s heavyweights, pushing for a cause that ultimately benefits them and the glory.

This is Klopp’s fierce opposition claim, but Burnley boss Shane Deutsch thinks it’s a natural truth.

Contrary to Anfield’s opinion, the Carats manager thinks the rules are perfect.

“It’s useful for big clubs who play a lot of games,” Deutsche said. “It gives them the ability to use fresher and more ready players.

“But of course it’s in favor of the big clubs because if you’re one of the superpowers, they probably carry 20-plus international footballers, so they can use them more regularly.

“It will help them in one season in my opinion.”

But does Deutsch’s side of the argument really pick up the check?

In a certain one-off fix, the so-called big club will be able to benefit from two additional benefits in an attempt to change the course of the game.

It cannot be challenged by those who probably demand change.

However, during the already rigorous campaign which has now been reduced to less than a month from normal, small squads are often more likely to be disabled due to rest and inability to rotate.

For example, Liverpool will feel that they have been able to fight for a while without Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mane, it will undoubtedly be harmful.

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After all, they moved just one point away from the top spot in the weekend fixtures despite the list of injuries and illnesses mentioned.

Though sinking in the mind or in the absence of Salah, the likes of in-form Diego Jota or Sheherdan Shakiri are able to fill some of the void.

Who should play center-back against Leicester? Choose the two of you here in our quick poll.

In order to continue to use Burnley as a point, will Deutsch be able to handle the words of Chris Wood or Ashley Burns in the same way?

Klopp is correct in his assertion that the fight for the return of the five alternatives is not argued from a position that is politicizing for any advantage.

He has only seen most of his and other managers ’players sink into the weary, whirlwind nature of a season that is still in its infancy.

Klopp says he only wants to explain the reasons for this strong position, but he doesn’t need that explanation.

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