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AYou don’t have to wear red rose-tinted glasses to argue that Eddie Jones’ team is currently the best in the world to avoid England’s impressive 16-7 win over Ireland at Tikenham on Saturday. However, this match is also growing for both teams.

The French, as some would say (understandably, considering their great win against England in February) were the best side of the Six Nations, showing the direction coming from the Northern Hemisphere too much. Scrum Half’s Antoine Dupont is their best player of the Six Nations this year and they are dropping out of class throughout the twelfth. In addition to Apurba Dupont, they have Roman Entamac and Vermi Vakatawa behind them, and in the pack they can call Charles Olivon and Gregory Aldrit in the back row, naming only four.

Alas, today they will be without Entamac – half of the flight did not travel to Edinburgh due to injuries on the th route. Bordeaux’s Matthew Jalibert starts in his place – just 22 out of 10, a French starting XV and a depiction of the youthful nature of the squad.

The Scots are very quiet, they are very quiet, they are very quiet, they are very quiet, they are very quiet, they are very quiet.

The answer to how they did it is quite simple and not overly entertaining: defense.

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