LIVE – Kovid-19: Olivier Veran Launches Vaccination in France Accepts Slowness

a “Uncontrolled Restoration of Pandemic” Kovid-19 is in January «Potential», because of “Increasing contamination” Due to the end of the year celebration, in its latest opinion, the Scientific Council has warned that it guides the government. In this opinion, the government was given on 23 December but was made public only on Tuesday evening. “Three options” In reply “At this potential risk, but not sure”. First option, immediate action, “From December 28”: a «Imprisonment hardening», But only in the most affected areas or cities, “There is a possibility of return of vacationers who are there”. He was dismissed.

Second option, a response “Postponed” In early January, and “Adapted to increase in contamination at the end of the year”. “The purpose of this option is to react after the fact, but quickly, by slowing the circulation of the virus in early January,” According to the Scientific Council. It goes through “The extent of social or economic activity that can promote pollution by relying on scientific data from various surveys of contamination sites to target restrictive measures”.

Third and last option, “Subsequent response”, Is specifically based on the number of new hospitalizations, and includes “Increase in restriction measures, which can lead to prolonged imprisonment”. However, the Scientific Council has one major drawback: it is the third option “Presents the risk of intervening too late and then leading to more severe, protracted and / or restrictive measures that first apply.”

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