LIVE – COVID-19: Days before the holidays, resuscitation services continue in France

“We are worried”: hospitals are “already under maximum stress” warns a resuscitator from Essonne

“We are concerned”, Doctor Edouard Obadia, resuscitator at the Claude Galleon Hospital in Quincy-sous-Senart in Essonne on the BFMTV plateau, faces an influx of patients attending services within a week of Christmas.

“First of all because our healthcare is already under maximum stress, as we are already dealing with an increase in patients in medicine and critical care and resuscitation services for several weeks. (…) is at an extremely critical stage France “, warns the doctor.

Jean Casteaux defends the “efficacy” of childhood immunizations the day after her announcements

Prime Minister Jean Castex defended the “efficacy” of vaccinating children to combat the spread of Covid-19 this Saturday, during a visit to a Vaccinodrome in Le Mans, on setting up ‘a vaccination pass and while’ A day after the announcement. The opening of vaccination takes place every 5-11 years.

Children should be vaccinated “because they are contaminated”, he replied to a person who expressed his skepticism, recalling that those who are immunized or have serious diseases may suffer from severe forms of Covid although ‘they are vaccinated’.

“Childhood vaccination is effective in this regard,” said the prime minister, who nevertheless insisted that this vaccination would be offered “on a voluntary basis”, while most parents are opposed to it, according to polls.

UK: Executive panel calls for further action before 2022

According to the BBC, the Group of Scientific Experts (SAGE) advising the government has recommended that the executive take new measures in the coming days to limit the current spread of the virus.

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“If the goal is to reduce infection levels in the population and ensure that hospitalizations do not reach the same height, more drastic measures will need to be taken very quickly”, the scientists said in a document from a working meeting. .

“The date of implementation of these measures is important. Postponing them to 2022 would reduce the effectiveness of such decisions and reduce the likelihood that they could put pressure on health and care establishments”, he warned.

Damien Abad, chairman of the LR Group in the National Assembly, tests positive for COVID-19

Ain’s deputy and chairman of the LR Group in the National Assembly, Damien Abad, has tested positive for COVID-19, as he announced on Twitter last night.

The chosen one indicates suffering from “flu symptoms” and starting a period of isolation.

Nearly 3,000 patients in critical care in France: intensive care services continue to overflow

French intensive care services, where the number of Covid-19 patients began to rise again in late November, continues to fill, according to data released by Public Health France on Saturday.

These critical care services, where the most severe cases are treated, had 2,933 patients, up from 2,901 a day earlier. 190 admissions took place in 24 hours.

Usually 15,370 patients are hospitalized. This is 40 less than the day before, but the trend has markedly increased compared to the previous month, with the figure almost doubling (+97%) during this period.

Public Health France reports 58,536 new cases in 48 hours, an average of more than 50,000 daily confirmed cases a week.

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Netherlands: The “imprisonment” set up for year-end celebrations starts this Sunday

As the Dutch Prime Minister announced yesterday, the Netherlands began a new “containment” this Sunday morning, in an effort to halt the strong progress of the fifth wave of COVID-19 and the Omicron version.

Mark Root said, “With the fifth wave it is inevitable and Omicron is spreading faster than we fear. We must intervene now as a precaution.”

All non-essential stores, restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums and theaters are closed from today until January 14, while schools will keep their doors closed until at least January 9.

Germany ranks UK as country most at risk

On Saturday evening, German authorities announced they were classifying the United Kingdom as one of the countries most at risk for the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a number of travel restrictions.

The German Foreign Ministry said on its website: “The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are the most affected by COVID 19. A newer variant, also found to be very contagious.”

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