Live coronavirus update as first Prime Minister Mark Dreckford at Welsh Government press briefing

Live coronavirus update as first Prime Minister Mark Dreckford at Welsh Government press briefing

Pub trade in Wales fell 45%

Alastair Derby, chief executive of Brains Pubs, praised the Welsh government’s approach to pubs and restaurants.

“The Welsh government is trying to take as many practical steps as possible to save lives and keep the economy working. I am encouraged that the Welsh Government is taking a mature and balanced approach to this.

“If more restrictions are created, it will have a huge impact on business and jobs. But at the moment there is no information to prove that it is a wise thing to do, but if you close the pubs you return the socializations to homes and parks, where there are no tracks and traces and no safety measures.

“It simply came to our notice then. We provide a very controlled, well managed and well controlled environment. If you push them home, you control the whole thing and that’s a big problem.

Mr. Derby said that pubs in Wales were down about 45%

“We are currently operating as a sector below 4%,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then that we were getting half of what we were getting.

“It’s about every single pub in the field of Welsh hospitality who are trying incredibly hard to follow the rules and play their part in stopping the spread of coronavirus, although people do provide some room for hospitality. This is taking a huge toll. They can’t run a business half-time for any period of time without spending a significant amount of money at once.

“We have seen a 45% reduction in turnover since the curfew and local restrictions came into effect. I hear about people in Cardiff city center who are below 80%. We want to play our part but equally but we are part of the economy, we provide jobs and provide safe places for people to eat and drink. If it continues for a long time, it will be catastrophic and we will see a lot of pubs. “

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