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Stockport CLs ‘lose credibility’ if they vote for GMSF

Go back to AB. They are now looking for ‘broad support’ for the plan.

In question.

One about Stockport, first from my colleague Nick Statham and also from the BBC. All the opposition parties in Stockport are threatening to vote against GMSF – will this kill the project, or will there be any form of folds without Stockport?

How damaging is the mayor’s credibility?

Alice Wilson started. He says they are ‘slightly ahead’.

He says he wants to make sure no proper engagement process is over. There is a ‘minority’ of players who have decided, ‘before the game’, that they were not interested in that process.

It’s not straightforward and easy, it’s a complex task … we need people from the whole GM and we should make sure we make informed decisions about them.

The balance with this latest iteration is the balance between home, job and environmental protection and he believes we have the right balance.

AB has brought up the issue of his credibility.

That would say more about the credibility of the opposition in Stockport, he said, because they have to be honest with their people about what that means. Stockport is one of the main features of GMSF – it doesn’t have to build so many houses in the Green Belt because other parts of GM are taking these numbers.

These political parties must have a credible argument.

So the argument of credibility falls further on them. He reiterated that this is a complex plan

He appealed to the opposition in Stockport: “Let’s not politicize this party. If you have concerns, come and talk to me about it.” Tweet it if you need to, but don’t tear it up.

PD says it’s really important to look at stockport numbers.

At the moment, Stockport – on its own – needs to supply more than 18,400 homes. Under GMSF, it is about 13,400. So Stockport is the ‘important feature’ of the structure, he says.

If the opposition votes for it, they will have to provide significantly more housing in Stockport, which means more release of the Green Belt line.

If Stockport votes it out, there are other ways to move it forward, he said. But it’s a plan for GM and it’s about avoiding plans through appeals.

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