List of priorities for the Pfizer vaccine

On December 2, the deputy chief medical officer shared that the rollout would take months, not “weeks,” meaning that the new level system would continue to follow the rules.

Professor Van-Tam said: “No one wants a lockdown. But if you want that dream to come true, you need to get the vaccine when you get the vaccine.”

According to sources, the Armed Forces and the NHS have begun emergency preparations for the centers, saying they should be completed within a fortnight.

Military personnel have been instructed to convert about 10 sites into vaccine hubs, including the facilities at Nightingale Hospital in London’s Excel Center, Sere Appsum Racecourse and Ashton Gate Football Stadium in Bristol and Robertson House Conference in Stevens. According to sources, England.

The vaccine will then be brought to GPs and pharmacists who have the ability to store the vaccine at -70C. It needs to be effective.

Criticizing the response that temperature care of the vaccine would make it difficult to issue around the home, Professor Van-Tam argued that “it was highly unfair when a new virus emerged less than 12 months ago and is now our first vaccine”.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer continued: “It is a complex product. It is not a yogurt that can be taken out of the fridge and returned several times.”

The NHS has been preparing for a mass immunization program for several weeks, which could instruct every 1,500 GP practice and drive-three centers to be open every day from 8am to 8pm, with at least 1,000 jobs disseminated each week.

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Under the current plan, about five practice clusters of about 50,000 patients will come together to arrange for the supply of vaccines, and the health service is hopeful that one million people will be vaccinated each week.

However, any possible rollout would be limited by the speed of production in Belgium, with plans to deliver “as fast as the company can produce”.

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